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Leslie Ritchie, founder of Browboss Brow & Beauty, “fell in love at first sight” with microblading. The idea of ‘waking up with perfect brows every morning’ and helping women like you to reduce the often frustrating morning ritual of preening. It felt to her like a valuable contribution to the often rushed & hectic lives that modern women endure.

She decided to train with the best academy in the world – PhiBrows. At the time, Leslie wasn’t even consciously aware of how important eyebrows were to her. On the first day of her training intensive she said, “I never knew how important eyebrows were to me”.

A year has passed and Leslie is now representing the Phi Royal Society, an inner circle of microblading Royal Artist and Masters who have demonstrated exceptional abilities in microblading. Obtaining this level of mastery in the PhiBrows method requires a level of intense dedication and talent that is rare in the industry.

What this means to you is that you can proceed with confidence, knowing that Leslie is one of the best microblading artists worldwide.

When you book a session with her you’ll find her to be a very uplifting person, who genuinely cares about you, and naturally puts you at ease. You may even find yourself having fun – all the while that you’re in good hands.


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