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This course is for microblading artists with basics experience.





Hey Browboss!

OMG, you’re finally insideeee.....


When I was creating this STEP-BY-STEP guide, I literally had like 100 tantrums. I crumbled so many pieces of paper, cried, kicked, gave up for a few minutes,

then came back.

I eventually realized I was creating “Advance Patterns” that I hardly ever use with my own clients and when I did, I hated the pattern and my clients didn't truly love them!

Why? Because they looked FAKE and fake is NOT my style!
I began to have a conversation with myself; literally out loud, LOL; “Leslie, you need to

teach them what YOU would do AND what is achievable on actual clients.”

You see, many “Advanced Patterns” are super pretty and artistic on LATEX ONLY, but not doable on clients.

Why? Well, there are many reasons such as, skin types, natural brow hair growth direction, what you have to work with, etc... But that’s a completely different subject that I cover in my Perfection training and we're here to take your brow patterns to the next level!
I’ve worked hard to share the “Advance Patterns” that have made me a Browboss

- I’ve held nothing back!

Are you ready to become a Browboss? I am so excited for you!!!

So let's get started!!


Leslie Ritchie



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