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Why brow shaping?

Getting the perfect brow shape and color is one of the easiest ways of adding symmetry to your face and turning back the clock. Whether your beauty goal is a lot of drama or a more natural look. Tinting is complementary and optional to your procedure with us, it will give you full-looking brows that frame your eyes and leave you with a youthful and polished appearance. 

Why brow shaping?

How is it done?

Brow shaping involves waxing and tweezing along your brows natural lines to ensure a perfect contour. It opens up your face, brightens your eyes, and highlights your bone structure. With eyebrow tinting, a safe semi-permanent tint is applied to shape, define, and enhance your brows. By matching your natural color, it gives the appearance of thicker, younger-looking eyebrows.


How is it done?

What is the difference between Brow Wax and Brow Shaping?

Brow Wax is just a simple waxing with no consultation. There is little to no communication about what the client wants or what the esthetician may suggest. This happens quite frequently when the client has already had her eyebrows shaped and only wants the regrowth underneath to be removed. Eyebrow waxing simply means getting your stray brow hairs removed with a single strip of wax. A brow shaping, on the other hand, involves communicating with the esthetician about the best ways to shape your brows to frame your eyes and face. Consultation is included with us. After a client explains what they are looking for in terms of shape, our esthetician will usually have them look into a mirror and provide a recommendation.

What is the difference between Brow Wax and Brow Shaping?
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First time brow clients

  • Your appointment will begin with an initial consultation. During this time, we will analyze your natural brows and discuss in detail regarding set, style, and what you wish to get out of your desired look!

All Last Clients

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After Care


Maintaining your

The recommended time for a clean up is 4 weeks to maintain shape.

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