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What are Ombré Powder Brows?

                         Ombré shading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo. Ombré brows are a series of many fine dots that vary in concentration, giving the look of a powdered brow.

Powder Brows involves a certified and licensed artist who uses a permanent makeup device, similar to a tattoo gun. Our trained artist uses a small needle to place pigment into the skin with a quick hand motion, resulting in a pixelated effect of powder makeup. This technique is customizable and is great for anyone who wants to enhance their eyebrows with a soft, and natural makeup-like finish. It gives great definition & depth to the eyebrows. It is particularly recommended for women with oily skin or combination skin or anyone who fills in their brows regularly with pencil or shadow. 

What are Ombré Powder Brows?

Who is it for?

Anyone can be a candidate for Ombré Powder Brows!

Ombré Powdered brows technique is for clients who prefer fuller results than hairstrokes but still very soft. The ideal client may be someone who has oily skin as shading is suitable for any skin type. There are some exceptions to who may be or not be a candidate determined by certain medical conditions or medications being taken, please contact us at and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

Who is it for?

How is Ombré Powder Brows different from Microblading?

Ombré powder brows are achieved using a small machine, which disperses extremely fine dots of pigments even into and across the skin in an airbrush or shading technique. Microblading uses a hand-tool that creates incisions or small cuts into the skin achieving realistic looking hair strokes. Powder brows generally have a more defined finish, as if you’ve got them perfectly filled in with your favourite brow pencil. Microblading and ombré powder brows are both methods of permanent eyebrow make up. However, the finishes they create are very different.

How is Ombré Powder Brows different from Microblading?
Prepare for your appointment

First time Clients

  • It is absolutely important to us that you get the best results at your appointment, so it is essential that you follow the pre-care instructions below:

  • At least 30 days prior: Avoid facials, chemical peels, botox near the eyes and brow area.

  • At least 1 week prior: Avoid Retin-A, Hydrophoxl, Vitamin E, Fish Oil and waxing in the brow area.

  • At Least 24 Hours Prior: Avoid alcohol, coffee, and taking over the medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

All Last Clients

(New and Current)
  • Please be sure to arrive with NO eye make-up. Any make-up residue will impact your overall retention.

After Care


Day One: Gently wash your eyebrows with a cotton round and gentle cleanser every hour after the procedure. Pat dry with a clean paper towel and apply a thin layer of aftercare balm.


Day Two: Repeat day one aftercare instructions every two to three hours


Day Three to Seven: Gently wash, pat dry and apply balm once in the morning and once before bed.


Avoid the following until your brows are healed: Wetting the brows between washings, heavy sweating, salt water, chlorine, lotions, spf, other healing balms, makeup on the brows, exfoliants, steamy showers, baths, and saunas.


Please wear a hat in the sun. Please do not pick at your brows while they heal.


Proper aftercare is key for the best healing results

Maintaining your
Ombré Powder Brows:

A touch up is required 6-10 weeks after your initial procedure.

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